Friday, December 5, 2008

Paul Keating End of the World

Paul Keating End of the World

Australia is located at the Arse end of the world and many of us think we are the lord because the whole world considers us as some kinds of power or something. We don’t have too many real journalists apart from a lot of vicious spin doctors and shock jocks. Many of those spin doctors and shock jocks could be classified as zio-nazis and they hate Barak Obama! They also hide behind telephone operators and four walls.

These misguided lots have been attacking Obama since day one. Probably, these people do not know their father(s) and they refuse to debate any issues with anyone who got guts and knowledge.

John Howard, the former Prime Minister of Australia said, “an Obama victory will be a victory of terrorism. The closet racist Kevin Rudd, the current Prime Minister of Australia is more Zionist than the last one! He shook hands with John McCain and Hillary Clinton during his last visit to USA. Would you believe he did not shake hand with Obama. He only spoke to him over the phone!

One must wonder how many Michigan Militia equivalent of Australia would borrow guns from John Howard to hunt Obama?

Source: Ayaan Hirshi Ali